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About Us

Nitro Cow originally started as a mobile food trailer and now has expanded into a store in Takapuna. The team at Nitro Cow craft unique gelato creations using liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen freezes things really fast! This is how we are able to make gelato right in front of your eyes.

Our process creates a lot of smoke and results in a smoother and creamier texture to the gelato.

We also make fresh egg waffles which can be topped with your choice of toppings to make the perfect instaworthy photo. And we have our famous Dragon's Breath, a corn puff dipped in liquid nitrogen that turns your breath to smoke!

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Our Story

We are two New Zealand foodies, with heritages from Hong Kong and Thailand, who are passionate about food science and ice cream.

We did not create the technique of using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream, but we noticed that here at home, this amazing experience was mainly available to only patrons of fine dining establishments.

With sciences in our repertoire and amazing dairy in our country – we set out to share our love of great ice cream with the rest of the population. Utilising premium New Zealand dairy, and amazing ingredients available to us, we began our journey that is Nitro Cow today. So that’s what Nitro Cow is all about – the Love of good food, the love of science, and the love of entertainment.

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